"Technology Humanization" Concept

CAMMUS was founded in 2008, and has gathered the research, development, manufacturing, sales, and high-end service of high-tech and innovative industries such as electric supercars, pure electric go-karts, racing simulators, and high-performance parts. Itadheres to the outstanding charm of racing culture.

Enterprise Honor

Design(27 patents in total); utility models(29 patents in total);invention patents(9 patents in total);                              international patents(6 patents in total)

Enterprise Gallery

2008 CAMMUS was established and released the first domestic throttle gas pedal
2014 Successfully developed the car’s three electric systems
In 2016, released Titan, the first domestic self-developed pure electric supercar
Established electric karting project in the same year
2017 Released the first domestic electric kart
2021Launched the whole set of racing simulator equipment, becoming the only technology development company with the whole set of racing ecosystem in China
2022-Present, develop kart PLUS compatible with children and adults

R&D Capabilities

The PROJECT-X is the first long-range off-road vehicle in China, designed for the high-strength Baja1000 race in the United States, with a body structure based on the American Class 1 level buggy. It has a wheelbase of 3.3 meters, a width of 2.5 meters, and a height of 1.9 meters, with a four-seater design and a welded steel tube frame according to the American standard. The vehicle is equipped with eight high-strength nitrogen shock absorbers. The range-extending system consists of a 350 horsepower electric drive and a 1.5T Atkinson range extender. The vehicle’s electrical control system is all self-developed, including the electric power steering system, the VCU, the electric drive MCU, the generator GCU, and the engine ECU. Through a self-developed energy control algorithm, the vehicle achieves electrification for all-terrain applications.

Our Customers

Users are located in many countries around the world, with over one million users.