TOM'S Racing


In the outdoor kart track of Tom’s racing in Japan, the children’s electric karts and 2 seats karts from CAMMUS are very popular.

CAMMUS electric go-kart with small racer!

With the CAMMUS kart timing system, you can know exactly what your track times are.

Adult karting simulators are equally popular with the majority of players. Even if you are not in the track can also enjoy the charm of karting.





Zack Zhu, a friend of CAMMUS, has achieved good results in competitions many times.




In an indoor karting field in China, the CAMMUS electric children’s kart has become the object of children’s eagerness to drive.





In the Drift motor speedway in the Philippines, the kart test drivers were full of praise for the CAMMUS electric kart.





The little boy drives the CAMMUS plus electric kart with firm eyes and confidence.