CAMMUS Electric Go Kart For Teenager



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CAMMUS Electric Go Kart For Teenager

Electric go kart description:

Development Path

CAMMUS professional electric go kart was first created in 2008,and it is China’s first independent research and development of electric go kart for teenager,adults and kids.Because the size of teenagers is between kids and adults, CAMMUS has developed and manufactured an electric go kart for teenagers to drive. Up to now, CAMMUS adult electric kart has developed six versions, namely Sport teenager, hard shaft sports version CS6, differential sports version CS7, differential long-endurance version CS8, double version CS9 and dual motor version CS10. This article is the product introduction of the sport teenager version of the kart.

Product advantages

The CAMMUS electric go kart for teenager has a stylish appearance, and the body is smooth.The turquoise body shows the same vitality as a teenager. The CAMMUS electric go kart has strong safety and is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake system. The braking effect is excellent and the handle is smooth.The four-point safety belt of the roll cage can provide protection for the personal safety of the go kart driver. The CAMMUS electric go kart has competitive price advantage.It is not inferior to European brands in detail design and research and development, but its cost performance is much higher than that of European brands. CAMMUS electric go karts have a long battery life.Battery type is lithium battery 48/30Ah,it can be used for more than 2 hours on a full charge. Different from outdoor racing go kart ,CAMMUS electric go kart are not limited by the venue and can be used both indoors and outdoors.No pollution and zero emissions, you can enjoy the charm of electric go karts anytime and anywhere. The characteristics of electric go kart determine that the acceleration is faster than gas go kart,and the top speed of CAMMUS electric go kart for teenager is 65km/h.

Other Features:

The appearance size of CAMMUS electric kart is 1280*880*400( mm ),and the size of the vehicle can perfectly accommodate a teenager. The motor type of CAMMUS electric go kart is permanent magnet motor, and the peak power of the motor is 4500w. The transmission mode of CAMMUS electric go kart for teenager is Chain Drive(adjustable gear ratio). The pedals are 8-level adjustable, the seat can choose the model, and the kart can be adjusted by remote control. ECU support parameter adjustment,remote upgrade, etc. The instrument displays the gear, power and alarm, and can monitor the status of the kart in real time. You have the following channels to upgrade your kart:Sound effect simulator ($135)

Introduction of electric go kart parameters:

Appearance Dimension ( L * W * H) 1700*1200*550(mm )
Weight  (with battery) About 135kg
Frame Material Alloy steel
Wheelbase 920mm
Motor Type PM Motor
Transmission Mode Chain Drive(adjustable gear ratio)
Braking System Hydraulic Disc Brake
Motor Peak Power 4000w
Top Speed 65km/h
Battery Type Lithium Battery48V/30Ah
Battery Replacement Quick Battery   Replacement System
Charging Time 2h+
Driving Time 2h+ (According to Working Conditions)
Pedals 8 Levels Adjustable
Seat Optional Models
Gear Adjustment ( with one touch parking) Remote Control ( 3   Level Forward Gears )
ECU Support Parameter         Adjustment,Remote Upgrade, etc
Meter Display Content Gear + Power + Alarm
Charger Standard Charger(10A) Charging power 588w
Upgrade Project Sound effect  simulator($135)


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